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  • Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Preventive Maintenance Contracts

Regular preventive maintenance is the key to ensuring the reliability of your generators & Air Conditioners. Behind every reliable power generating & air conditioning system is a quality preventive maintenance program in action.

Gulshan Electrical Services offers a choice of Annual Maintenance Contracts with definite response time and service quality. Our service team has the knowledge, experience and competence to service virtually any make and model of generators & air conditioners. Our Regular Preventive Maintenance Contract is a proven successful program executed by highly trained technicians. However we can also tailor the right preventive maintenance plan for your specific needs.

Our Customized
Preventive Maintenance Programs are tailored to each customer’s unique needs. Whether you have multiple generator & AC installations at a variety of locations, or own a single generator/Ac Unit installed at your home, office or factory, we can design and implement an annual maintenance program based on your needs and schedule. Besides annual maintenance contracts for generators & air conditioners, Gulshan Electrical Services also offers an innovative solution called Comprehensive Facility Management Contract, where in addition to maintaining your generators & air-conditioners, we take care of entire electric power system management, including energy accounting and the resolution of billing errors and disputes with the utility company.

Here is the list of our General Air Conditioner Maintenance Services:

Monthly Services

  • Cleaning of filters.
  • Cleaning of cooling coils with Nylon brush & Blower.
  • Cleaning of Grills & electric circuit.
  • Cleaning of condenser with air dust blower.
  • Checking & Cleaning of electric Panel.
  • Checking of condenser fan motor.
  • Checking all electrical connections and wires.
  • Checking heat strip amps, circuit components and safeties.
  • Checking for air leaks at plenum.
  • Lubricating all moving part where applicable.
  • Checking & Recording ampere consumption before and after service.
  • Checking final performance and report necessary improvements.

Annual Services:

  • Cleaning and Washing of coils with Descaler liquid.
  • Cleaning and Washing of condenser coil with Descaler liquid.
  • Washing of air filter.
  • Testing of refrigerant pressure.
  • Cleaning and tightening of all nuts & bolts etc.
  • Cleaning of all electrical components.
  • Cleaning of electrical panel components.
  • Cleaning of louvers with blower.
  • Cleaning of condensate drain tray.
  • Washing and Cleaning of air grill.
  • General cleaning of air conditioner machine.
  • Final adjustment and calibration of the control panel.

Here is the List of General Generator Maintenance Services:

  • Lubricant system check, oil check, oil filter check
  • Electric system including panels, sensors, battery and charger check
  • Air system including air filters and exhaust check
  • Engine system including smoke & sound check
  • Hours comparison of Engine system
  • Oil & Filter change service after 200 hours of usage
  • Complete cleaning of parts with kerosene oil and blower.

To avail our
maintenance services, please contact us via email or phone to get the best affordable quotation for your Generator or Air Conditioning Systems.