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We Welcome you all to our website. We have created this page in order to let you know about the services we provide all over karachi at just a single call. We provide generator,AC -Air conditioner- , Refrigerators,Fridge, Freezer, Computer and other appliances Repair and maintenance Services In Karachi. We take this opportunity to let you better understand the difference We make in the market today. This platform will keep you connected with us 24/7/365. So you can share your experiences and let us help you in all the services where we claim to excel...

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Regular preventive maintenance is the key to ensuring the reliability of your generators & Air Conditioners. Behind every reliable power generating & air conditioning system is a quality preventive maintenance program in action.

Gulshan Electrical Services offers a choice of Annual Maintenance Contracts with definite response time and service quality. Our service team has the knowledge, experience and competence to service virtually any make and model of generators & air conditioners. Our Regular Preventive Maintenance Contract is a proven successful program executed by highly trained technicians. However we can also tailor the right preventive maintenance plan for your specific needs.

Our Customized
Preventive Maintenance Programs are tailored to each customer’s unique needs. Whether you have multiple generator & AC installations at a variety of locations, or own a single generator/Ac Unit installed at your home, office or factory, we can design and implement an annual maintenance program based on your needs and schedule. Besides annual maintenance contracts for generators & air conditioners, Gulshan Electrical Services also offers an innovative solution called Comprehensive Facility Management Contract, where in addition to maintaining your generators & air-conditioners, we take care of entire electric power system management, including energy accounting and the resolution of billing errors and disputes with the utility company.

Here is the list of our General Air Conditioner Maintenance Services:

Monthly Services

  • Cleaning of filters.
  • Cleaning of cooling coils with Nylon brush & Blower.
  • Cleaning of Grills & electric circuit.
  • Cleaning of condenser with air dust blower.
  • Checking & Cleaning of electric Panel.
  • Checking of condenser fan motor.
  • Checking all electrical connections and wires.
  • Checking heat strip amps, circuit components and safeties.
  • Checking for air leaks at plenum.
  • Lubricating all moving part where applicable.
  • Checking & Recording ampere consumption before and after service.
  • Checking final performance and report necessary improvements.

Annual Services:

  • Cleaning and Washing of coils with Descaler liquid.
  • Cleaning and Washing of condenser coil with Descaler liquid.
  • Washing of air filter.
  • Testing of refrigerant pressure.
  • Cleaning and tightening of all nuts & bolts etc.
  • Cleaning of all electrical components.
  • Cleaning of electrical panel components.
  • Cleaning of louvers with blower.
  • Cleaning of condensate drain tray.
  • Washing and Cleaning of air grill.
  • General cleaning of air conditioner machine.
  • Final adjustment and calibration of the control panel.

Here is the List of General Generator Maintenance Services:

  • Lubricant system check, oil check, oil filter check
  • Electric system including panels, sensors, battery and charger check
  • Air system including air filters and exhaust check
  • Engine system including smoke & sound check
  • Hours comparison of Engine system
  • Oil & Filter change service after 200 hours of usage
  • Complete cleaning of parts with kerosene oil and blower.

To avail our
maintenance services, please contact us via email or phone to get the best affordable quotation for your Generator or Air Conditioning Systems.


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As the load-shedding has touched its extremes nowadays in all cities of Pakistan, karachi has also been a victim of power-shortage.
Generators purchase has increased immensely as UPS systems could not serve the long-hours of power-cut. Since petrol generators were deemed quite costly as it consumed petrol so heavily that you couldn't think of running the generator for many hours daily. Then came gasoline powered generators, that sounded quite reasonable as we don't have to buy gas daily and per unit cost of gas is much lower as compared to other options. Even if you run your normal 1.5 to 2 KVA home generator for 2 to 3 hours daily, your monthly bill won't be more than 1000. That charm caused more and more KESC and WAPDA stricken people to buy generators for their daily use. The demand increase caused supply shortage, so prices had to move up in order to bring demand-supply equilibrium.
Still, generators came to be used as basic commodity at homes. Usually people know how to switch on and off generators, but they don't know how to do its maintenance periodically in order to make it work ceaselessly.
Here are the most common issues we find when using a Gas Generator.
  1. Most common issue is with the gas kit setting, that may require you to get a technician to do that for you.
  2. Another general issue is Oil change. People usually don't care for this requirement but they must check the oil periodically and pour fresh oil to keep its engine healthy. Otherwise, the oil is consumed far quickly than other general machines and motors, which damages generator's engine and affecting its functionality. So keep a check on oil level to avoid severe damages to your generator.
  3. Another issue is with the pressure of gas. In some areas, we don't have good pressure of gas that is required by a generator to work properly. so that results in poor performance or no performance at all.
  4. Gas has never been a true alternative to Petrol. Even in automobiles, Gas can't generate that much strength as generated by Petrol so Speed is limited. Similarly, Gas generators don't work longer as compared with Petrol Generators, Some serious problems could occur with its motor or power board with heavy use, which is very common today due to prolonged load-shedding.
  5. Your generator might get some electrical defect over time and stop working properly. It may start, but wouldn't generate electricity. The problem could be with the motor or the electrical control board. In either case, you need a Professional Repair Service to get your generator fixed.
  6. There is also a issue with gas generators that sometime they consume too much oil than needed. You might keep changing the oil but wouldn't be able to keep the proper oil level. Then, you need to get your generator checked for oil consumption issues but the problem could be more severe and you may have to change your generator.


We at GulshanElectricTM are working harder to reach you through various mediums including websites, social networks, flyers, sms marketing and of-course paper advertisements.
We belive that our services are required by a majority of people off and on. We are trying to spread the word and let them relax while taking all the responsibilities of such repair & maintenance services.
This official website GulshanElectric will keep you updated with the details of our services, new plans, launch of new services and progress, our satisfied clients and promotions we intend to introduce for better services experience in the industry.
The site will be updated as frequently as we have something new to share with you. Other updates can be found by joining us on twitter and facebook.
We need your support and we believe in good relationships with our clients as well as potential clients.
We are available 24/7/365 through various mediums including Phone, Mobile, SMS, Email or a Visit to our Service Shop during business hours (11 am to 9 pm).


We are connecting with karachi through popular social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Join us through our official pages to spread the word and help us reach more karachiides.

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We aim to reach all web-users in karachi and introduce our services. We need your support to keep growing, join us and help us expand our reach.

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Our Vision:
To be the market leader in providing best repair & maintenance services while retaining good customer relationships.

Our Mission:
We will work together as an energetic team of well-qualified technicians to provide our services to industries and households in karachi. Our employees are our strength, we will keep growing with our innovative service mind-set. We believe in retaining good customer relationship, thus taking care of all aspects of the customer requirements.

Introduction to Gulshan Electric:
The firm came into being earlier in the year 2011, when a team of professional technicians joined together to provide their services on a larger scale in Karachi. The team came up with the idea to provide On-Call Services in all areas of Karachi, catering to the needs of industry as well as households. Our service is gaining popularity day by day as we take great care of the customer needs and punctuality. People contact us for our services from anywhere in karachi and our technicians drive off to the customer premises to fix their equipments within an hour. Today, the world is far too busy to spare time for finding good repair & maintenance services and then keep waiting for technicians to fix up your equipments. We do things faster and thus we are successful.

Our Team:
Our team consists of professional technicians who have been in the industry for many years. We have expert technicians for All types of Generators Repair & Maintenance Services, Air Conditioner (window & split) Repair & Maintenance Services, and Refrigerator and Freezer Repair & Maintenance Services. We also have expert technicians for Computer Hardware Services.
Additionally, we have Electricians and Plumbers in our team who are available when required.
Check Services Page for more detailed information on the number of services we provide at just a single call !
Your trust makes us stronger. Try our services and Compare them with the industry, you will certainly see the distinction.


We Welcome you all to our website. We have created this page in order to let you know about the services we provide all over karachi at just a single call. We provide generator, Air conditioner, Refrigerator, Freezer, Computer and other appliances Repair and maintenance Services In Karachi.We take this opportunity to let you better understand the difference We make in the market today. This platform will keep you connected with us 24/7/365, so you can share your experiences and let us help you in all such services where we claim to excel.

We are trying hard to make sure that we provide all the necessary information you need on our business so as to make your decision easier.

If this is your first visit here, you may want to know about our Services and Terms of Service.

you may contact us at our mobile numbers here

Mobile: 0333-3421013
Land: 0213-7055827

Alternatively, You can email us at Or use our Contact Form to send us a mail.

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If you want instant response, Feel free to call us at our Service numbers, or visit us during our business hours at our Business Address.

Business Address:
B-1, National Complex, Opposite Alldin Park, Main Rashid Minhas Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.

Phone: 02137055827, 03333421013, 03132502529
, 03442486556

Alternatively, Send Us a Mail to let us know about your queries. We will be happy to assist you in any of your service related queries. It may Take up to 24 hours for us to respond to you mail due to various unprecedented issues.

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These terms govern all the services provided by GulshanElectric. These terms may be modified/updated in future. Read carefully and then contact us if you agree to these terms.

1. Transportation Charges:

  • We do not charge any transportation charges for our first visit*. But if your equipment has a major issue that it has to be taken to our service shop for repairing, you will collect your equipment from our service shop. If you want us to deliver it to your address, that will be a second visit that will be reasonably charged for the fuel cost.
  • If you have a minor service requirement such as gas setting, kick problem or other minor problems, you will need to pay transportation charges seperately.
  • If you live in a far-flung area of karachi, such as metrowell, site area, north karachi, Orangi town, steel town etc, you may be charged transportation charges for first visit depending upon the work requirement.

2. Services:
  • For immediate assistance, you need to visit our service shop or make us a call at our service number. Emails won't get urgent assistance.
  • For major repair work requirement, you need to call us earlier in the day and allow for 2 hours at most for our technicians to reach you. Usually it takes less than an hour for us to reach you for assistance.
  • Some major repair work can cause us to delay the delivery for 2 or 3 days. Since we make sure the problem doesn't occur again, we satisfy ourselves with the service before delivery.
  • For purchase of any mentioned appliances, you need to allow us a day to cater to your requirements. It may take more time depending upon the required appliance.
  • For contracts, you need to send us a detailed mail or call us for the work requirements and other details of your contract, which can be discussed later on.

This page is still under-construction.
After some additional terms of services, this page will be updated.
Thanks for choosing our Services.


Here is the list of our services and other details about the services. This page may be updated from time to time in order to introduce more services to our potential clients across Karachi. If any particular service regarding the mentioned appliances is not described in the list below, you may contact us through email or our contact numbers for immediate assistance.
Thanks for your Interest In our Services.

Generator Services:
  • Complete Generator Repair & Maintenance
  • Diesel, Petrol and Gas Generators
  • Sale of New and Used Generators
  • Home or Office Power Generator Systems
  • Any Size or Model of Generator
  • Service Warranty for up to 3 months
  • On-Call Service across Karachi
  • Contact us for Maintenance Contracts
Air Conditioner Services:
  • Window + Split Air Conditioning Systems
  • Complete Service, Gas Filling and Installation
  • Home or Office units/ system of units
  • Service Warranty for up to 3 months
  • Any Size or Model of Air Conditioner
  • Sale of new and used Air Conditioners
  • On-Call Service across Karachi
  • Contact us for Maintenance Contracts
Refrigerator/Freezer Services:
  • Complete Services and Gas-Filling
  • All models of Refrigerator + Freezer
  • Sale of new and used Refrigerators
  • Service Warranty for up to 3 months
  • Home or Office Refrigeration Units
  • On-Call Services across Karachi
  • Contact us for Maintenance Contracts
Desktop Computer Services:
  • Complete Computer Hardware Repair Services
  • Customized Computer Assembling
  • Home or Office Computer Services, Repair + Maintenance
  • Service Warranty for up to 3 months
  • On-Call Services Across Karachi
  • Contact us for Maintenance and/or Assemblage Contracts